The 1st AGM of OBA – Colombo Branch of Zahira College, Mawanella

The First Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Old Boys Association (OBA) – Colombo Branch of Zahira College, Mawanella (ZCM) was held on Thursday 20th March, 2014 from 7.30pm onwards at the Postal Headquarters Auditorium, Colombo 10.  OBA – ZCM Colombo Branch was formed on 14th December, 2012 during the Inaugural General Meeting held in Hameed AL Husseinie College Auditorium, Colombo 12.

This AGM was chaired by the President of Colombo Branch Mr. Irshad Sherief. The event commenced with recital of Qirath by Mr. Nasief followed by National Anthem and College Hymn. President addressed the gathering and he warmly welcomed the Old Zahirians while appreciating their presence despite their busy schedules.  He also pointed out that Colombo became the first Branch of the parent OBA of ZCM and thus Colombo Old Zahirian community has created a history and can be proud of this achievement. Old Zahirians from various calibers and from different parts of Colombo attending this meeting was a highlight.

General Secretary of the Branch Mr. Hilmy Ishak highlighted the accomplishments of the Colombo Branch since its inception and shared the efforts undertaken to form and strengthen the Colombo Branch. Treasurer Mr. Fazil Nuhuman presented the financial statement for past year (2012/2013).  Mr. Fowzin Kuddoos, General Secretary of the Parent OBA (Head of HR, Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC) and a Patron of the Colombo Branch presented the key accomplishments and special projects implemented by the Parent OBA. He also elaborated on the roadmap along with the current and future projects of ZCM.

In an effort to introduce professionalism and best practices in to Colombo Branch, General Secretary proposed a resolution on constitution on selection office bearers. That is to select members with their consent in advance and not to nominate members during the AGM.  The resolution was passed unanimously and this will be adopted in the forthcoming AGMs.

During the election of Office Bearers, Mr. Azmil Fouzer was elected as the President and Mr. Hilmy Ishak was re-elected as the General Secretary. In addition Fifteen Committee Members were elected to the Executive Committee and the Office Bearers will be elected/selected during the First Meeting of the Executive Committee to be scheduled shortly.  The AGM was concluded with dua and followed by Dinner.

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