‘100 Day Educational Development Project’ for GCE O/L Tamil Medium

Principal, College Management & OBA while discussing the 100 Day programme.

Only 100 days are left for the GCE O/L Examinations with the onset of the Second Term
vacation which falls on August 31. Thus, Old Boys Association of Zahira College has
volunteered to organize and facilitate special support classes for the GCE O/L Tamil medium
students, under the theme of ‘100 Day Educational Development Project for GCE O/L’. OBA
is proud to facilitate this intervention on the back of having a successful track in the past for
organizing similar learnings programmes in 2015 and 2016. It has been officially informed
that the similar intervention in 2016 for Mathematics has raised the number of students
who had passed in Mathematics by 06% when compared to the previous year.

The main objective of this project is to raise the percentage of students qualifying for GCE
A/L in 2017. Further, the programme will offer the opportunity for the English Medium
students who take combined courses like Tamil and History in Tamil Medium.

Under this project, a comprehensive learning programme has been formulated for the
Second Term Vacation (between August 31 to September 11), offering 06 full days of
learning (08 hours per day) on Tamil, Mathematics, Science, History, English and Islam in
consultation with the Hon. Principal, Sectional Head and Subject Teachers. To plan this
initiative, two rounds of consultations were held with the Hon. Principal by the OBA.
Further, a special meeting was convened by the Hon. Principal in this regard with the
participation of the General Secretary, Admin Secretary and the Project Coordinators of OBA
and the Sectional Head and Subject Teachers of the College on August 14, 2017 at the

The teaching panel is consisted of leading teachers not only from Mawanella but also from
other Provinces and Zones. They are reputed for preparing students, who need to raise
their levels to face the Examinations and qualify for the GCE A/L.

With the outcome and lessons from these 06 days, OBA will organize similar learning
programmes during future weekends to follow after a large number of parents had given
their consent to send their children for these weekend classes. This will be an optional
programme for those who want to prepare themselves in addition to the extra classes they
are already following. Depending on the response from the students, mainly boys, OBA is
planning to organize special coaching classes and studying facilities during nights under the
direct supervision of volunteer old boys.

Exam based Seminars

A Comprehensive Learning Schedule

Date Subject
Saturday Tamil



Sunday Maths
Monday History


Tuesday Tamil


Wednesday English


Thursday Science
Saturday Tamil


Sunday History