Old Zahirians Groups, Associations, Clubs and Organizations (OZGACO)


In order for the OBA to accomplish its Vision by implementing its Mission, it is focusing on fulfilling those six objectives. To fulfill all of the above objectives, OBA needs the support of theOld Zahirians living in the country and in abroad. Already, through the Branches (both Colombo and overseas), the considerable number of Zahirians are being driven into the Old Zahirians Network. Meanwhile, there is still a considerable category of Old Zahirians, whose potential and talents are to be tapped.


The objective of mobilizing these structures is to strengthen OBA Parent Body. Self-formed bodies like OZMA, ZOBBA and proposed Old Prefect Association and OBA initiated bodies like Old Zahirian Business Club, Old Zahirian Graduate Associations, etc. can become eligible to have a stake at the OBA Parent Body by becoming members under OZGACO structure. In this regard, the Committee of OBA decided to foster the formation various Old Zahirians Bodies Affiliated to the OBA Parent Body.

Way Foward

OBA has appointed the Committee Members to take responsibility in fostering, forming and nurturing of such bodies. OBA has set up an Action Plan in order to mobilize relevant Old Zahirians in forming the following bodies. Further, it has delegated the tasks to its different Committee Members to speed up the process.

Proposed Affiliate Bodies

Proposed Affiliate Body Nominated Committee Member(s)
Old Zahirians Graduate Association M. N. A. Shiran
Old Zahirians Sportsmen Association A.S.M. Firdouse
Old Zahirians Teachers Association M. S. M. Shafeer
Old Zahirians Business Forum M. S. M. Anas
Old Zahirians Professional Association A.W.M. Munas & A.T.M. Zarook
Forum of Batch wise Groups R. M. Razeen
OBA Junior Branch A.S.M. Ayman

Further Details

Details on membership requirement, membership category, membership fee (royalty fee), liaison, coordination & communication, stakes at the Parent OBA Committee and benefits of being an Affiliate Member can be obtained by writing to the General Secretary (gensec@zcmoba.com).

Any individual or group of Old Zahirians who are willing to take initiative in forming any of these OZGACO body or new entity, are welcome to meet and discuss the idea with the General Secretary of OBA and to act forward.