About OBA

All the boys who have studied at Zahira College, Mawanella constitute to form the Old Boys Association (OBA). This OBA is the Parent Body to host these boys after they complete their formal school education. The membership of OBA is not only limited to boys who have completed their school education but men who had been a student at Zahira College some times back.

To be the Vibrant Old Boys Association in Sri Lanka to serve the College and the society at Large

To mobilize the multitudes of potentials, talents, resources and skills of Mawanella Old Zahirians through friendly, mutually beneficial and networking in a dynamic way to accomplish the Vision of the OBA.

  • To increase the sense of fellowship in Old Boys both with one another and with the College
  • To assist and facilitate the college management & students to enhance the quality & development of the standard of education and co-curricular activities
  • To afford guidance and encouragement to the younger generation of ZCM
  • To foster and preserve the bonds of unity and fellowship with Affiliated Associations
  • To make recommendations for better management and administration of the College
  • To create a permanent source of fund for OBA

The New committee for the Old Boys Association of Zahira College was elected on April 26, 2015 at its Annual General Meeting held on the same date at the Primary Auditorium of the College.  The General Secretary of the Association for the new term was elected uncontested at this General Meeting. Further, 17 other Committee members were elected to strengthen the OBA. The Office Bearers were selected from and among the Committee Members during the first committee meeting held on May 09, 2015.

The New Committee consists of 18 Members; they are the different blend of professionals thus becoming a source of strength.  Entrepreneurs, Business Consultants, Engineers, Medical Consultants, High Profile Government Officers, Servicemen, Graduate Professionals, Teachers and IT Experts could be named to validate the different source of Strength the existing OBA Committee possesses.

The Team

Hon. President
Hon Principal
Zahira College Mawanella

Hon. General Secretary
M.R.M. Hilmy Ishak
MDP, M.SC. B.Sc. Agric, CMCE, MIM(SL)

Hon. Vice Presidents
M. R. M. Nafeel
Zakariya Faleel

Hon. Finance Secretary
A. S. M. Innam

Hon. Asst. Finance Secretary
M. S. M. Anas

Hon. Admin Secretary
A. T. M. Zarook

Internal Auditor
M. N. A Shiran (BBA)

Hon. Members
M. R. M. Rizmy (Overseas Coordinator)
M. R. M. Aathik
M. M. Raashid
M. G. M. Zulfi
M. S. M. Safeer
Dr. M. S. M. Rifad
A. S. M. Firdouse
R. M. Razeen
M. Y. M. Nizam
A. S. M. Ayman
A. W. M. Munas